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Farm in Hong Kong – escape to the Northern District!

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • March 17, 2016

Farm doesn’t seem like the kind of thing you will find in Hong Kong, but in the Northern district of Hong Kong green pastures are not stuffs of fiction. Although places like Sheung Shui and Fanling are known for the hordes of tourists from China who storm the shops and pharmacies, the nature here is unspoiled by such activities. Cows, ponds, grass, swamps, rolling hills – here you can hike, take a picnic with your family and surprise, surprise – farm.

Farming at Long Valley, Hong Kong

Two of the most advance agricultural lands in Hong Kong, there are a variety of organic farms that have been set up in Sheung Shui and Fanling that produce authentic, 100% ‘made in Hong Kong’ produce. You can visit some of these farms to get educated on farm produces and what farming the land involves. For those who are even more dedicated, you can even rent a bit of land and become a little farmer yourselves. There are dedicated farming teachers that would help you learn how to sow, seed and eventually reap the produce.
kadoorie farm & kwun yam shan

At Fanling, you get the Produce Green Foundation, established in 1988 by locals who are passionate about farming and the environment. They organize plenty of activities that doesn’t just involving growing crops, such as slow food festivals, eco-tour as well as various exhibitions. They even have a shop selling some souvenirs as well as publications and farm produces.

At Sheung Shiu, there’s the Lohas Organic Farm. They have a section dedicated to information on organic vegetables, unfortunately they do not have an English website. There is a HKD$20 admission fee, with the proceeds going towards the maintenance of the farm. They have a fresh produce shop where you can order and collect at Central, Prince Edward or Sheung Shui stores every Monday, Wednesday and Friday via Whatsapp.