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Yau Ma Tei – Explore the Hong Kong local culture

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • February 5, 2016

Yau Ma Tei, an old district situated in this cosmopolis, has its unique landscape and culture. Sitting in between the MTR station Mong Kok and Jordan, Yau Ma tei has a huge convenience for commuting. It also offers a relative lower rent and a more relaxing vibe compared with the vicinity. It is a residence neighborhood, with G-2 Floor served as offices and restaurants.

Pay a visit and you will find Yau Ma Tei is more interesting than you thought!

Temple Street

The scene here would definitely meet your impression from those films depicting Hong Kong local life. Indeed, there were numerous movies shot on this spot. Apart from that, Temple Street usually becomes vigorous after the dusk falls. You would see stands selling all kinds of products, including handicrafts, tea utensils, cheap electronics and also great local cuisines. For those who would like to have a in-depth knowledge of the local culture, there are also Cantonese Opera taking place from time to time.

kowloon's temple street night market

Casserole Rice

Speaking of local cuisine, Casserole Rice is a must-eat. Cooked with chicken and mushrooms, the rice absorbs the juice of the both during the boiling process, which gives the rice a fruitful flavor.

興記煲仔飯Tin Hau Temple

Initially built by the fishermen living in this area, the temple today is a famous spot both for the tourists and local folks. Also, in Chinese culture, temples are usually known as a socializing venue for residents, and therefore you would see quite a few elderly playing Chinese chests and chatting in front of the temple.

Tin Hau Temple