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[Infographic] Chinese Investment Offers in Africa since 2010

China has been buying out Africa to fuel its economic growth. This international buyout will lead to a stronger economy in China along with a more powerful real estate market. Check out this infographic to see where the money is being invested.

Asif Ghafoor - February 10, 2015

[Infographic] Hong Kong’s Office Cost vs Other Countries

Even though we live in a digital world now, most of the people still work in office buildings around the world and not our homes. When I was younger, people who dressed up in shirts and blazers walking in and out of glass buildings seems awfully sophisticated to me. They move in masses, clutching laptop cases or sleek handbags, weaving …

Asif Ghafoor -

[Infographic] The World’s Most Expensive Places to Rent Property

Now, we all know about how expensive Hong Kong properties are, although they are dropping in certain areas. It’s rumoured that you will need at least 19 years of salary to pay off your mortgage, but what about renting? Well, it seems that you really aren’t any better off renting really. Aside from the fact that you are not in …

Asif Ghafoor -

[Infographic] Where the Economic Powerhouses in China Will Be in 2020

Ever wonder where the economic powerhouses in China will be? This infographic compares where the economies in China will be booming by 2020 in comparison with other countries.

Asif Ghafoor -

3 Top Countries for Happy Retirement

Planning your retirement? Wanting for a brand new place to live? You realize that you concern more about your health as you grow older, therefore the place you live when you retire cannot be highly polluted, adversely influencing your health condition. Also, since you are not working anymore and spending your saving from the past years, the lower the expenses, the …

Spacious - May 10, 2020

5 reasons why HKers are snapping up UK properties

Welcome to Spacious’ series of regular Overseas Property Digest focusing on current events shaping the world of property. In each series, we will be spotlighting on the core fundamentals of popular property destinations for Hong Kong buyers and investors. Why Act Now to Buy UK Property? Over the last 12 months, a lot has happened in Hong Kong with various …

Spacious - September 16, 2020

5 reasons why living in London is great

A lot of Hong Kongers are living in London, and even more students who had studied abroad in the UK ended up in the capital of the United Kingdom as well. Voted as the top city to visit by Tripadvisor for several years, what is so great about this city and why does everyone want to live there? Since I …

Asif Ghafoor - May 12, 2016