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5 reasons why HKers are snapping up UK properties

Welcome to Spacious’ series of regular Overseas Property Digest focusing on current events shaping the world of property. In each series, we will be spotlighting on the core fundamentals of popular property destinations for Hong Kong buyers and investors. Why Act Now to Buy UK Property? Over the last 12 months, a lot has happened in Hong Kong with various …

Spacious - September 16, 2020

Useful Points to Note for Retiring Abroad

Retiring overseas might save you a huge sum of money and allow you to live an expatriate adventure in retirement simultaneously. How poetic it might seem, you can’t just pack your bags and set off to your destinations. Retiring abroad, such an important decision, requires your great effort in planning ahead and getting ready for it. In order to give …

Spacious - May 11, 2020

3 Top Countries for Happy Retirement

Planning your retirement? Wanting for a brand new place to live? You realize that you concern more about your health as you grow older, therefore the place you live when you retire cannot be highly polluted, adversely influencing your health condition. Also, since you are not working anymore and spending your saving from the past years, the lower the expenses, the …

Spacious - May 10, 2020

Public Housing = Poor Living Conditions? These Asian Countries Say No!

In Hong Kong, living in public houses is a symbol of lower-income residents. But the case differs in Singapore, Taiwan and Korea. Public housing in these countries are tourists’ favorites and the living environments are good. Do you know what are the differences between government housing in these places? Hong Kong There are two types of public housing in Hong …

Spacious - May 9, 2020

Our Myanmar outlook to investing in 2020

This article is sponsored by Marga Group. There is an increasing consensus that the United States has entered a bear market. Since the beginning of 2020, most major financial indices have fallen 20%. A perfect storm of COVID-19, global travel bans and speculation over Central Bank measures have led to market uncertainty that has crippled investor confidence.  Concurrently, The Wall …

Spacious - May 5, 2020

A Step By Step Guide to Buying Japan Property

This article is sponsored by JNW Properties. Investing in Japan property is something that has grown in popularity in recent years. With its steadily increasing house prices, soaring tourism trade, and the ease at which foreigners can invest here, its an obvious choice for those looking for property abroad. Aided by its rich and unique culture and stunning scenery, land …

Spacious -

What Home Sellers Should Know About Hong Kong Property Investors

Once a game for only a few, outbound property investment has gained popularity among the mass market in recent years. Property investors are looking at overseas real estate as a way to skirt high domestic home prices and diversify their portfolios. If you are a developer with a new property development or an indie home seller in the existing home …

Spacious - May 3, 2020