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3 reasons to choose New Territories

Hong Kong Living | January 18, 2016

New Territories – it’s most certainly not the part of Hong Kong people envision themselves to be when they think about moving to Hong Kong. It’s not where the major events happen and lacks variety in the party and gastronomic scene. But given the myriad of transport links Hong Kong has to offer, there are many reasons why you should choose New Territories when living in Hong Kong, one that I believe many are realizing now.

1) It’s cheaper

"Live on what you have; live if you can on less; do not borrow either for vanity or pleasure; the vanity will end in shame, and the pleasure in regret."
Image from Flickr/Creative Commons

It is the age old rule that operates in all cities: the more central you want to be, the heavier the price you would have to pay for it. This is especially true for those living in Hong Kong, where your salary might not be able to let you live on Hong Kong Island…

Not to mention the buildings tend to be newer in New Territories, hence the name of the district. Therefore, living in New Territories can be a great choice in terms of maintenance and renovation costs, as well as saving yourself some money on rent or buy.


2) Fresher air

"Wooden Bridge" in Han Tin Wan
Han Tin Wan, Sai Kung. Image via Flickr/Creative Commons

Less populated with more room to breath – there is no denying that New Territories have better air quality than the rest of Hong Kong. We might all love the hustle and bustle of a city that never sleeps, but eating the exhaust fumes and listening to traffic all night isn’t high on anyone’s to-do list. So give your lungs and wallet a break, live somewhere quieter and cheaper.


3) Cycling and jogging paths

“馬鞍山海濱長廊 Ma On Shan Promenade” / 香港康樂建築 Hong Kong Leisure Architecture / SML.20130509.6D.05668
image via Flickr/Creative Commons

New Territories are full of pedestrian and cyclist friendly places. You can easily cycle from Tai Wai to Ma On Sha, or head over to Tai Po. Another great example is the beautiful Ma On Shan Waterfront Promenade, a great place for any cyclist and joggers with a 3.2km stretch of paths that’s exhaust fumes free. I think this beat having to run alongside the road or around the inside an athletic stadium.


You can use our website or app to search for New Territories properties easily in either the map view or list view by putting New Territories on the search bar to the left.Spacious New Territories

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