RAW4573: Rawai

RAW4573: Rawai
普吉府 83100泰國

Busy day from Monday through Friday, how to make your life balance, be away from town to the place where inspiration make you full of energy for the working day. Create your dream life, do the activities to let you free... escape to our new Condominium... Where your weekend fullfill your dream.

This is not only the weekend home, it is also the extended stay apartment with professional hospitality management and hotel facilities, plus the benefit of freehold ownership in single unit.

Project is located at Saiyuan, Rawai area. Freehold Condominium 119 units, 1-2 bedrooms with pool access.

Special Promotion :

Every unit is fully furnished and fully equipped. (1 BR valued 550,000 Baht and 2 BR valued 800,000 Baht) Foreinger Freehold Ownership is included without premium charge. 6% guarantee rental income from the unit price for 3 years for 1 Bedroom Payment Terms:

A reservation deposit of THB100,000
30% Payment upon signing contract within 15 days (less initial deposit)
Final Payment and transfer ownership within 30 days from signing contract date Additional Payment:

common area fee is 60 Baht/Sq.M. Yearly payment and pay in advance on move in date. sinking Fund 500 Baht/Sqm. 1 time payment paid on move in date

613.54 - 613.54 平方尺
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你不希望收到來自千居、其附屬公司及其合作夥伴的直接促銷電郵。 千居承諾永遠不會在未經你同意的情況下分享你的聯繫方式,而你可以隨時選擇不接受有關直接促銷電郵。