Historic village Canale di Tenno, a splendid apartment on three levels

Historic village Canale di Tenno, a splendid apartment on three levels
Villa Canale, 55, 38060 Ville del Monte TN, Italy

The medieval village of Canale di Tenno is the background to this very particular apartment housed in a historic building at the beginning of the town. Canale, which is fully part of the association “Most Beautiful Villages of Italy”, still preserves its ancient charm, made of stone houses, with its characteristic envelopes that intersect in the various properties, creating a unique environment for the numerous cultural and gastronomic events that they follow one another throughout the year, where the “Rustico Medioevo” takes place during the first weeks of August and the Christmas markets.  
The property is located at the beginning of the village in a privileged position, convenient to reach, either on foot or by mechanical means (only for loading and unloading) and with a splendid view of the valley. Ca ‘Vitalina, as it is called by the inhabitants of the town, is a portion of the head, free on three sides of a typical stone house and features, very rare, a small private garden which overlooks the entrance door.  
It is spread over three floors, of which the ground floor is slightly larger than the others, designed as open space spaces connected by a convenient staircase to the blind side of the apartment. The rooms are very cozy and glamorous, the result of a careful renovation where every detail, starting from the materials to the furnishing accessories, has been studied in detail.  
The exposed stone walls and the wooden floors make full use of the historicity of the house while the interventions on the technological systems (with an interesting wood or pellet heating system) and the external doors and windows guarantee a high living comfort.  
Each floor has its own specific destination. The ground floor can be used in various ways and can be used as a living room, a relaxation area or as currently used as a further sleeping space. Here is also the bathroom where the characteristic marble sink stands out, as was formerly used.  
The first floor has been used as a kitchen and dining area, while the second and last floor, characterized by an open roof and large balcony, has been chosen as a bedroom. This is perhaps the most interesting environment, the three sides are composed of large windows that overlook the surrounding area, a mix of history and unique nature of the area.  
A property to be chosen as a house or as an excellent investment thanks to the excellent opportunity to rent a short distance from the two beautiful lakes of Garda and Tenno.

900 - 900 Sqft
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1 bedroom
900 Sqft
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