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Village houses are detached or semi-detached homes that can typically be found in more suburban and rural areas of Hong Kong. Village houses are often located in lower density areas and can offer a quiet, relaxed, and more country style living than what is usually thought of as a typical Hong Kong home or apartment.  Village houses have high-efficiency ratios as the village houses must not exceed three floors and the area per floor must not exceed 700 square feet, so space is utilised to its best. Additionally, village houses have historically been priced lower (in HKD per Sqft terms) than other types of property. When buying a village house, buyers should take note that due to lower volumes of comparable transactions, it can take longer or require a higher down-payment to secure a mortgage. Village house buyers should also be sure to understand about potential illegal structures on their property and also be aware that more structures could be built nearby in the future that change the feeling of the particular village or village house.

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