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Lok Fu or happiness and wealth in Chinese is another rapidly evolving residential area in the north of Kowloon City and west of Wong Sai Tin. Lok Fu has evolved to be an entertainment area and has preserved unique elements of the culture of the community. HK residential developments in Lok Fu are on the rise mostly due to the strategically set amenities within close reach. For homes in Lok Fu, give Spacious consultants a call today or drop in a line or two at
One of the notable aspects of Lok Fu is the MTR station, which was established in late 1979 and is part of the Modified Initial System. Hong Kong homes in Lok Fu are available in various sizes and prices, and good news for investors is that everything is located within the area including department stores, medical centers, plethora of shops and diners. Looking for a best deal on property mortgage or an outright investment in central Hong Kong to add to your portfolio, Spacious real estate specialists are just a call or click away.

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