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Lo Wu

Welcome to Lo Wu

Lo Wu or Lowu is bordered by Hong Kong and Mainland China and belongs to the North District New territories. HK home prices are on the higher side in this area owing to its location, which houses the immigration control point that controls traffic to and from Mainland China. This area is set on the edge of the Sham Chung River and Sheung Yue River so buying a property in Lo Wu will get you unsurpassed views of pristine waters complete with a serene backdrop.
Lo Wu is well connected with all the major transport routes in Hong Kong to include the Low Wu Station, which also serves as a primary checkpoint between Mainland China and Hong Kong. Due to its geographical location, which serves as a pathway to the Shenzhen CBD, most properties in Lo Wu are developed on a rather lavish scale to include residential premises as well. Get in touch with one of our property consultants today to get more details on Hong Kong homes in Lo Wu and how to get the best deal.

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