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New Property Development
Second Hand Listings
Costs Of Purchasing
Singapore Property
Transaction Costs
Stamp Tax 18% for foreigner buyer
Attorney Fee 2000 - 3000 SGD
Broker's Fee 1% - 2% of closing price
Transaction Fee (Closing price*18%)
Mortgage Costs
Down payment At least 30%
Loan Ratio Depends on closing price, Up to 80% Loan amount for foreigner buyers, depends on financial credit assessment
Origination fee 2500 - 3000 SGD
Appraisal 500 SGD
Interest Rate Depends on the market rates (between 1.5%-2.0% recently)
Loan Program Up to 35-year program or to 75-years-old. (Up to 60% loan amount for 35-year program or update to 65-years-old)
Costs of Ownership
Management Fee 100 - 300 SGD
Fire Insurance 100 - 300 SGD per year

Properties in Singapore

Second Hand Listings
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