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One of the fastest gentrifying areas in Hong Kong, PoHo today is flourished with some of the most attractive galleries, cafes and boutiques and properties in Hong Kong. Formally dubbed as Po Hing Fong, this little yet unsurpassed area is not to be missed by anyone seeking a residential investment. Tucked away in the Sheung Wan District, and one of the first British Settlements on the Hong Kong Island, PoHo seems like a new world altogether with clean residential neighborhoods complemented by a plethora of shops mostly owned by expats. Until recently, PoHo was nothing more than a sleepy residential area and a ton of low income housing units, and today owing to the low key vibe is a great place to invest in a HK property especially those seeking a calming reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city. Spacious HK property experts have a few PoHo Hong Kong homes up for grabs, which are within close proximity of ancient temples, business and shopping areas and walking distance from the Macau Subway Station and Central Subway Station. So when you’re looking for an unrivalled investment in PoHo or any other property, give our experts a call today.

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