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The Psychology of Moving, Do You Know It?

Hong Kong Living | March 31, 2015

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Will moving to a new place make you happier, or increase your social status? Will it be easier to get a date in Hong Kong if you can say you live in Soho, The Peak, or Jardine’s Lookout? Will having a prestigious home address increase the salary amount a prospective employer offers you? Will you feel more confident in business if you are providing a beautiful living space for your family? The answer to most of these questions is varied. Moving to a new place is one of the best ways to create lasting changes in your life and expand your network, but you shouldn’t consider a move solely for the social status benefits a new address may offer.

Move once every seven years for best upward mobility
Most people move about 10 times (or about once every seven years on average) during their lives. Moving more frequently is also very common, particularly in large cities and within certain prestigious careers. Moving less frequently than average, or being unwilling to consider making a change to a new city, can have a negative impact on your career.

Some life coaches and career experts say you should move once every seven years to get the biggest boost to your networking pool and boost in your overall career success. While moving every seven years may not make always be right (you may move more often during the college years and less often at other stages of your life), the positive effect moving can have on your life is something to keep in mind as you look ahead in your future.

Moving is the best time to start new habits and make positive changes

moving!Highly confident people are good at making changes in their lives, and that includes knowing when it’s the right time to upgrade to a newer home, office space, or condo. Moving gives you the chance to start fresh and find a place to live that better fits your current needs. Your preference for moving (or your adaptability to the changes moving brings) can show confidence. While extremely frequent moving (particularly during childhood or schooling) can be difficult to adapt to, an occasional move every seven years can be good for your emotional health.

Studies show that if you want to make lasting, positive changes in your life, the best time to do it is while you’re moving to a new home. This includes making changes in eating and exercise habits, starting a business, getting married or having a child, quitting drugs or alcohol, downsizing to a smaller home after children have left for college, and getting over a breakup and starting to date again. All of these changes can be a little easier when the reminder of past habits is not a part of your daily life.

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