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Clean up your apartment – it’s spring!

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • April 12, 2016

Spring has arrived with the end of the first quarter of the year 2016 – can you believe how fast time has passed? With spring, it’s time for us to do a bit of deep clean to get our homes into shape and welcome the sunshine. For those of us who celebrate Chinese New Year, we would already have swiped up the old to welcome the new, but in case you need more advice than our previous cleaning hacks article, here’s a collection of infographics we found to help you clean your apartments and flats into a squeaky clean state!

Ever wondered what to do when you don’t have certain cleaning products on your hands? Well, it’s time to reveal some superb products disguised as everyday household items in your home that would be just a effective in helping you clean. Did you know that banana skins can buff and rejuvenate leathers? And that toothpastes actually helps to clean your bathroom sinks. And hairspray, you can actually clean off any lipstick stain with it!
 spring-cleaning-hacks-infographic No Cleaning Products, No Problem by The Rug Seller

For those of you who are shaking their heads and asking why spring clean, here’s an infographic that even tells you about the history of this tradition. And if you are lacking motivations and not sure where to begin, follow the step by step guide as well! In these 9 easy steps, you can

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist
The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist by Terrys Fabrics.

We all have hoarding tendency, but Hong Kong is a small place and we can’t afford to keep everything around for an indefinite basis. Besides, what better excuses do you need to get yourself a new wardrobe? It’s psychologically proven that clearing out some of the junk will help boost your mood.

If you still need more instructions or want to be super duper organize about this – then you are in luck. Terrysfabric have created some checklists that you can print off and used! Now let go of that excuse as to why you can’t possibly spring clean and get hustling.