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[Infographic] The Psychology of Selecting Paint Colors for Homes

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • February 10, 2015

I know what you must be thinking, what kind of psychology is there for choosing paint colours in your home? And more importantly, why would I want to put so much effort in painting my apartment Most of us are happy with the standard white or beige walls that the apartments come in with, and most, if not all, of us don’t tend to change it. This doesn’t always have to do with the cost, but also to do with the devaluation of property. But what if I tell you that by changing the colour of your room, it can directly affect how you behave and perceive things.
For example, did you know that the most productive colour is blue? So it’s time to get some blue paint for your office (or home office), or even your children’s room to prime yourself or them to work and study better. If it is in a girls’ room, pink would be a great choice too as it is calming and warm.

As for your bedroom, green represents tranquillity and health, though be sure it’s a light, fresh colour. If you are not a fan of green, lavender is a nice, relaxing alternative and great for your living room too. And you should paint your Dining Room red because it is an encouraging colours and good for your appetite. Painting your kitchen yellow will brighten the room and gives you more energy, so if you didn’t like blue for your office, this is a good choice too.

So now that you know how many benefits choosing the correct paint colour for your room is, which one would be your first choice? Or would you rather stick with the good old white walls, or the ever more elaborate wall stickers that keep popping up on the market?