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4 Property Market Data Sources Better Than Centadata

Before investing, selling or renting an apartment, you typically need to check property market statistics and transaction records to help make a better budgeting or pricing decisions or to calculate your mortgage needs. Some people might also use this data for analysis and investigation. Other than Centadata, which is the most prevalent data source in the market but has its deficiencies, what others …

Spacious - May 21, 2020

What Home Buyers Need to Know About the Land Registry

What services does Land Registry (LR) provide? Deeds Registration If a member of the public purchases a property or becomes a party to a property transaction, he/she will need to execute a deed or other document. That deed or document will normally be registered with the Land Registry because registered documents would have a priority over unregistered documents and other documents …

Spacious - May 17, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Move to a Mong Kok Apartment

When you hear Mong Kok, the first thing that comes to your mind may be a scene of bustling crowds and shopping streets. Mong Kok is known to many people as a commuter transport hub as well as a shopping and market district but have you ever considered to rent or buy a Mong Kok apartment?  Spacious will explain the 5 …

Spacious - May 16, 2020

5 Great Ways to Use the Rating and Valuation Department

When someone talks about ‘Rating and Valuation Department’ (RVD), what is the first thing that pops up to your mind? Rates, government rent or valuation of properties? In addition to calculating and collecting the rates and government rent of your property, RVD actually delivers a lot more services to the public. Here are 5 useful services that you might have never …

Spacious - May 6, 2020

What All Agents Ought to Know About the Estate Agents Authority (EAA)

Agents know about the Estate Agents Authority Exam, but what exactly is the Estate Agents Authority and how do they impact the work of agents in Hong Kong? What is EAA? The Estate Agents Authority (EAA) is a statutory body, created and controlled by the Hong Kong government, whose functions are to: 1)Regulate estate agencies in Hong Kong The EAA organizes …

Spacious - April 30, 2020

A Simplified Guide to Hong Kong’s Stamp Duty 2020

Buying a new home is exciting! Yet in Hong Kong, you better be familiar with the current stamp duty (taxes) policies or you might end up shocked by what you have to pay for a new apartment in this city – already some of the world’s most expensive and unaffordable homes. (Updated March 2019) What is stamp duty in Hong …

Spacious - April 28, 2020

Spacious CEO Asif Ghafoor Spoke to Bloomberg TV on How Coronavirus Impacts Hong Kong Property

Our Founder and CEO, Asif Ghafoor, spoke to Bloomberg this morning about what the latest Spacious data is showing on how the coronavirus is impacting Hong Kong property. Watch the video now on Bloomberg TV: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2020-03-05/assessing-the-health-of-hong-kong-s-property-market-video Watch the video to find out what kind of rental and sale discounts can be achieved with the market outlook for the year ahead …

Spacious - March 5, 2020