Small Home, Big Dream: Interview with Otto Ng, Co-founder of LAAB

[wpsocialite] Otto Ng, co-founder of LAAB, a design and architecture firm based in Hong Kong, spoke with Spacious and discussed the company’s vision for interior design and more specifically, their Small Home, Smart Home project. Earlier this year, the firm gained notoriety after successfully turning a 309-foot square apartment into a couple’s dream home. How did they accomplish this feat? …

Spacious - May 13, 2020

Read Before Invest Globally: Interview with Andrew Baum, Leading Real Estate Expert & Author

Andrew Baum is a leading real estate expert, MBA real estate professor and the author of several real estate books, including Global Property Investments: Strategies, Structures, Decisions. He spoke with Spacious regarding the need for a book on global property investments, how technology is changing the markets, and his tips on analyzing property investments in Hong Kong.  You’ve already written …

Asif Ghafoor - October 25, 2016