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[Infographic] Chinese Investment Offers in Africa since 2010

China has been buying out Africa to fuel its economic growth. This international buyout will lead to a stronger economy in China along with a more powerful real estate market. Check out this infographic to see where the money is being invested.

Asif Ghafoor - February 10, 2015

[Infographic] Hong Kong’s Office Cost vs Other Countries

Even though we live in a digital world now, most of the people still work in office buildings around the world and not our homes. When I was younger, people who dressed up in shirts and blazers walking in and out of glass buildings seems awfully sophisticated to me. They move in masses, clutching laptop cases or sleek handbags, weaving …

Asif Ghafoor -

[Infographic] What property can you buy with $39,000,000 HKD?

We’re all familiar with the sky high property prices in Hong Kong – sometimes you’ve gotta wonder whether it’s worth spending all that money to live in a shoe-box apartment. Apparently the new development called The Arch located in West Kowloon costs around $39,000,000 HKD. With that huge sum of money, let’s see what can you afford to buy in the …

Sarah Stone - July 27, 2015

[Infographic] What property can you buy with $4,099,999 HKD?

Living in Hong Kong can get pretty crowded, which is why some people prefer to live in the New Territories for cheaper rent and a larger living space. On average, an apartment at Tai Po Centre costs around $4,099,999 HKD, but with that amount of money, you could buy a big house in New Zealand or a beach house in Thailand! We …

Sarah Stone - July 28, 2015

[Infographic] What property can you buy with $8,800,000 HKD?

Living on Hong Kong Island can be very convenient, but would you rather spend $8,800,000 HKD buying an apartment at Provident Centre or a villa in Argentina? It might not be as much as $39,000,000HKD and more than $4,099,999,999HKD, but the truth is that it is still not going to get you more than 713 square feet 3-bedroom flat. No wonder …

Sarah Stone -

[Infographic] Where the Economic Powerhouses in China Will Be in 2020

Ever wonder where the economic powerhouses in China will be? This infographic compares where the economies in China will be booming by 2020 in comparison with other countries.

Asif Ghafoor - February 10, 2015

10 TED Talks That Parents Can’t Miss

 1. Takaharu Tezuka: The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen “My point is – don’t control them. Don’t protect them too much. They need to tumble some time. They need to get some injury. They need to learn how to live in this world.” 2. Jennifer Senior: For parents, happiness is a very high bar When it comes to parenthood, many …

Chris Brown - May 27, 2015