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[Infographic] What property can you buy with $4,099,999 HKD?

Hong Kong Property | July 28, 2015

Living in Hong Kong can get pretty crowded, which is why some people prefer to live in the New Territories for cheaper rent and a larger living space. On average, an apartment at Tai Po Centre costs around $4,099,999 HKD, but with that amount of money, you could buy a big house in New Zealand or a beach house in Thailand!

We are equally curious here in Spacious as to exactly what kind of property you can get with that price, so we have found you the best of the best. So ask yourself this: what property would you prefer to buy?

$4,099,999HKD certainly is nothing compared to $39,000,000HKD, with which you can buy a castle and call yourself a prince or princess. But let’s look at what you can buy in the sunny Spain, green New Zealand and tropical Thailand! After all, all you get with that amount of money in Hong Kong is a tiny 325 square foot apartment with two bedrooms. We can do better than that!
Madrid For example, with only $3,817,980HKD you can get five times more space in the sunny capital of Spain and enjoy the tapas in Madrid. Not only do you get an extra bedroom, you also get two balconies!
Over the Hill and Far Away Moving on to New Zealand – have you ever wanted to live by the beach? Well, you can! This gorgeous beach front condo is only $3,637,720HKD, you can save that $300,000HKD plus for some nice furniture!
Koh Samui, The Headland Villa 2
If you want to stay closer to home, then maybe you should consider moving to Thailand and getting yourself that sea view pool near the sea that you so deserved. Your own infinity pool. I mean, who in the world would rather have a shoe box size flat and not this home that could almost double up as paradise. Seriously, your own private infinity pool.


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