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5 Hacks to Get more Lighting in your Living Room

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • February 8, 2016

Imagine when you are renovating your apartment; after getting most of work done, chances are the lighting issue would be the most irritating part that gets on your nerves. With the view of setting comfortable lighting, many other factors would kick in, such as the size and the orientation of the room.

Speaking of the lighting of the room, they are quite a few lighting apparatuses you can refer to.


  1. Pendants

Pendants is the most used type of the lighting apparatuses in modern room design. It basically provides the main lighting source of the room and therefore, for people who decide to save money for buying other furniture, Pendants is a tangible purchase.

Lamp and books
2. Lamps

Are you a book lover? Placements of lamps help create a more comfortable environment and improve your reading experience. Usually the lamps are placed near the sofa or the side table where you can directly obtain the light when you are reading.

  1. Scones

For people who prefer fancier design of the room, scones will definitely do the work. Scones not only give out additional illumination, but foster a specific atmosphere that you want to create, depending on the type of the Scone you are using.

On top of the lighting apparatus, certain settings can also be done to obtain more light.

Roll of vintage wallpaper

  1. Painting & Wallpaper

Besides getting more light sources, the way to retain light in the room is also an essential topic. The painting as well as the wallpaper used in the room will determine the amount of the light reserved. Using the paint and wallpaper of lighter color increases the reflection of the light, which makes the room looks brighter.


  1. Curtain

People use curtain to block the intense light from the outside. Here is the suggestion – using a double layer curtain will better the implementation of the room lighting. The sheer layer blocks the excessive light while allows the dimmer light in, which would be a good practice in terms of the light control.