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10 DIYs that will help you save space and stay organized: Part 2

Home Improvement | January 14, 2016

Now Part 2 of DIYs that will help you save space and stay organized. You can read Part 1 of the DIY here.

  1. Hanging file racks slash painting

    sayshea file storage on walls
    image via sayshea

    An alternative to just a painting, you can have beautiful file organisers that hangs on your wall where you can put your paper works and double as wall decorations. The best part is you can hang an extra small bucket for your stationary.

  2. Hanging make-up organizer
    Use hanging pouches to store your make up so you can organise them clearly and cleanly.
    via Pinterest

    This one is for the ladies. Sometimes your make-up end up lying in a disarray at the bottom of a drawer and never see the light of the day, or making your morning routine a nightmare. Once again, the easiest way to find something is to hang them up.

  3. Hang all of the things I mentioned on the back of your door
    Use door clothes hangers to hang your clothes. Home DIY
    image via Taobao

    Most doors have a small gap on top, and utilizing that gap are door hangers. You can get one of these easily and they give you a lot more extra space to hang stuff, like all the things I mention before.

  4. Magnet stripe wall installation for, well, anything metal, e.g. utensils, hair clips
    image via Pinterest

    We all have a fridge where we put our magnets, then why can’t we have a magnet strip to store other things? It can be your kitchen appliances (in that case, get an extra strength one), or hair clips and jewelries.

  5. Vertical Shoe rack
    Vertical shoe racks is one of the most space saving techniques. Home DIY
    image via Pinterest

    The most space saving items on the list – a vertical shoe rack can make all the difference, especially if you live in a large household where everyone has a million pairs of shoes. I know my family does. There are plenty vertical shoe racks on the market that you can get, so if you are struggling with shoe space at home, get one of these.

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