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Wu Kai Sha – more than the end of the Ma On Shan Line

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • June 2, 2016

Wu Kai Sha is the end stop of the newest addition of Ma On Shan MTR lines, deep in the northeast of New Territories some way from Sai Kung where people don’t tend to venture to. As an up and coming residential neighborhood, there’s more to Wu Kai Sha than the end of the Ma On Shan Line. In fact, it’s a place full of hidden beauty that might just justify the long commute to reach:

  • Cycling
The cycling path right outside of the Wu Kai Sha Station

Most of the newer neighborhoods of Hong Kong, especially those in New Territories, are equipped with cycling paths and Wu Kai Sha is no exception. Directly linked to the Ma On Shan’s Seafront Promenade, you can almost cycle all the way to Sai Kung on the path or easily venture a little off road to Pak Shek for some golfing and barbecue from Tai Wai.

  • Beach

There are quite a few beachy coves around five minutes’ walk from Wu Kai Sha station, as well as one that’s right next to the Ma On Shan Seafront Promenade. Fast becoming public knowledge, these coves are not exactly meant for sunbathing as they are riddled with crab nests and molluscs. However, the view is excellent and you might want to give the place a visit before everyone moves into the Double Cove right next to it.


  • Wu Kai Sha Youth Village
photo via Chong Fat – transferred from zh.wikipedia to Commons by Olivier2 using Commons Helper

A former orphanage that was opened in the 1950s and closed in 1971, the Wu Kai Sha Youth Village is now run by the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong. It’s a camping centre that can fit up to 1,140 people with the capacity for 800 day campers. Aside from the barbecue area, there’s a swimming pool, artificial rock climbing wall, rope course, archery range and an all weathered 6-lanes running track and soccer pitch. If you get bored of outdoor activities, there is an audio visual room as well as recreational room.

Note that the Youth Village is situated in between Wu Kai Sha and Ma On Shan MTR station.


  • Uchi Coffee
Photo via Openrice

Now Hong Kong people are a foodie nation, and it seems that everyone is on the lookout for the latest hip café and a cool place to eat. Uchi Coffee is such a place. A Japanese Coffee Shop with wooden décor and a relaxing atmosphere, it’s not the cheapest place around the newly opened mall, but definitely a crowd favourite. Their desserts are to die for, freshly made and a blend of oriental and western, you can get anything from crumbles to tarts.

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