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Wanchai – Place where energy never fades

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • March 8, 2016

Situated in the centre of the urban zone, Wanchai is always a hectic area. During daytime, it is packed with workers, businessmen as well as tourists while the raucous vibe does not calm down at all even after the dusk falls, when the bars and clubs open. As you might know, Wanchai is famous for its lively nightlife and it is really worth trying.

Wanchai Lady’s Night

Lady’s night is on every Wednesday, when girls can get free entry and drinks in most of the bars. Drinks offered varies depending on the bar you are entering, some of them have their own specialties. Therefore, if you are a girl, here is the drill – try the drink in every bar you can enter, and Rock the Night!!

Apart from the well-known lady’s night, there are some other nice places you should check out.

Tai Yuen street market 太原街

Also known as the Toy Market. Here you can find a myriad of toys, usually with reasonable and cheap prices that you will never see in those department stores. If you have a chance to pass by this street market, you definitely will have your mind blown by those fabulous and some peculiar toys. Some of them would remind you of those good days back in your childhood.


Tamar Park

Busy as Wanchai is, there are still some places with a chilled atmosphere in the proximity. Roughly in the midway between Central and Wanchai sits the Tamar park, a habour-front green space where you can enjoy the sunlight and leisure, is a nice spot to go. Sitting on the meadow,the panoramic clear view of the victoria harbour and landscapes in Kowloon would make your day. Besides, there is a running track besides the water where you can jog along.



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