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Vigorous HK - Routes for joggers

Hong Kong Living | April 25, 2016

With the rugged pavement and narrow sidewalks, Hong Kong doesn’t seem like a place suitable for those passionate joggers; not to mention the Severe traffic pollution that worsens the air condition for exercising. Nevertheless, being a city abundant with vigor, Hong Kong has quite a few communities supporting this exercise. On top of that, in order to accommodate these joggers, marathons are held from time to time. The most well known one is the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, which took place in late September to mid-October last year and had around 70,000 registrants.

Speaking of the most essential element for jogging, the answer would obviously be the jogging route. Here we provide a recommendation of some comfortable and accessible jogging routes in Hong Kong.


1. Bowen Road

This 4 kilometer trail provides a car-free environment along Mid Levels, which makes those exercising sessions safer and more ideal for joggers. Along the route, you will discover the friendliness from the frequent greetings from other path users. Keep yourself in a good mood simply by giving back a warm salutation.

Unlike other trails in the city, Bowen Road is surrounded by greenery. If you feel exhausted during the jogging session, there is always shade for a rest.


2. Victoria Road

The Victoria Road route, which runs along the coast against Lamma Channel, is a nice path to try. Starting from Kennedy town, the path escalates in the very beginning and heaves along the coast for the rest of the journey.

The route ends at the intersection of Victoria Road and Pok Fu Lam Road, after passing Cyberport. The whole session is approximately 6 kilometers from the commence point to the end.
Ma On Shan Waterfront Promenade

3. Promenade from Ma On Shan to Sha Tin

This route is said to be the best waterfront promenade in Hong Kong. Commencing from Ma On Shan MTR station, the path leads all the way to Sha Tin, which is around 6 kilometers. However, for those people who are up for a shorter jogging distance, it is also convenient to depart the track at certain spots given that the MTR line goes in the same direction.

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