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Top Dim Sum restaurants eat in town

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • February 10, 2016

Many of you might have heard of Dim Sum before coming to Hong Kong, as this worldly-recognized term is widely used when referring to a certain type of Guangdong cuisine. Indeed, Dim Sum is well known for its various choices of flavor and diversified combination of dishes. Some of the restaurants are even Michelin starred yet still offer scrumptious food with affordable price. Here, we have made up a list to share our beloved restaurants with you.


Tim Ho Wan

Probably mentioned in quite a few tourism guidebooks, Tim Ho Wan is one of the renowned dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong. There are branches located in Central, Sham Shui Po, Tai Kok Tsui and North Point. Despite the modern appearance it has, the authentic dim sum it serves will definitely bring you to a brand new level of dining enjoyment.

rice chicken 糯米雞

Lin Heung Kui

Located in the very old-fashioned district, Sheung Wan, Lin Heung Kui has its unique characteristic. On top of the nostalgic decoration, the way of the food delivery is also customized. The dishes are usually served by a mobile little cart so that you can choose anything you would like to try without leaving your seat. On the other hand, due to the same reason, it would be a bit difficult to get food from those limited carts during rush hours. Hence, timing is also an important factor when you are to dine in this restaurant.

Luk Yu Tea House

Besides being famous for its tea and dim sum, the name of the restaurant, “Luk Yu”, is actually the name of a prominent Chinese poet, who was also the author of “The Classic of Tea”, which again echos with the reason of the popularity of its tea.

Duddell's_Wholesome Bites Duddell’s

Longing for something trendy and tasty? The dim sum at Duddell’s will be something you have never thought of. Being on the cutting edge of creating new dishes, Duddell’s introduces western exquisite elements into dim sum, which elicits the distinctive features of both western and eastern food. The relaxing and spacious dining environment here would be slightly different from the raucous vibe in those traditional dim sum restaurants.