Public Housing = Poor Living Conditions? These Asian Countries Say No!

In Hong Kong, living in public houses is a symbol of lower-income residents. But the case differs in Singapore, Taiwan and Korea. Public housing in these countries are tourists’ favorites and the living environments are good. Do you know what are the differences between government housing in these places? Hong Kong There are two types of public housing in Hong …

Spacious - May 9, 2020

Singapore: an upbeat investor sentiment in the city

Properties at the upper echelons of Singapore’s residential property market are now cheap and consequently investor-friendly due to government’s cooling measures and deflation of Singapore currency. This represents a “very attractive” environment for those high net worth individuals who are looking into purchases of multiple apartments in Singapore. BELT & ROAD INITIATIVE Singapore is the most economically advanced country in …

Asif Ghafoor - December 2, 2016