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Singapore: an upbeat investor sentiment in the city

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • December 2, 2016

Properties at the upper echelons of Singapore’s residential property market are now cheap and consequently investor-friendly due to government’s cooling measures and deflation of Singapore currency.

This represents a “very attractive” environment for those high net worth individuals who are looking into purchases of multiple apartments in Singapore.


Singapore is the most economically advanced country in the Southeast Asian region and is likely to enhance its position as a world player as the Belt & Road Initiative implementation comes to fruition. As one of the world’s leading financial centers, the number one hub for commodities and oil trading in Asia, and a vital connection hub for China, Asia and Asia Pacific markets, Singapore is ranked as the country with the highest investment value (out of 64 countries included in the Initiative).

The country’s key industries are also drawing the attention of Chinese enterprises looking to invest in the region and many Chinese enterprises have already successfully integrated their regional resources and achieved internationalization through various methods of investment in Singapore.

Singapore is expected to become more prominent as the shipping and aviation hub of Southeast Asia, in addition to witnessing an increase in trade and personnel exchange across the region as a result of the construction and development of infrastructure, such as ports, airports and other facilities. At the same time, Singapore’s centricity to Southeast Asia’s financial, trade and logistics services will also be expanding significantly. These enhancements are motivated by the Belt & Road Initiative, but complimented by Singapore’s highly established investment and financial services markets, its strong legal system, sound infrastructure, experienced financial systems, and political and social stability.


Singapore has a well-developed and well-regulated legal system with very low levels of corruption. Foreign investors are not required to enter into joint ventures or relinquish management control to local interests, and the same basic laws apply to both Singaporean and foreign investors.

It has more than 70 economic and tax treaties with other countries, and proven an attractive location for multi-national corporations, fund managers and other market participants to establish regional headquarters, funds or investment vehicles to facilitate investment into those other countries.

While there are specific considerations for each industry, Singapore will certainly attract foreign investment in the key industries such as tourism, infrastructure and logistics industry, financial and professional services, and etc. Its role as a transit destination for foreign investment into other countries (especially Southeast Asian countries) will also become more important along with the development of the Initiative.

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