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Karaoke – Time to Rock the town

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • May 30, 2016

Untitled-1Though Karaoke was initially invented in Japan, it has been spread widely through the decades. To some extent, it has successfully integrated itself into modern people’s life, and it has become a popular place for people to hang out. It is a common practice that Karaoke places offer food and drinks for those singers who get hungry or thirsty after hours of singing. Apart from that, some rooms are also installed with PlayStation and X-BOX in case you feel bored. Interested? A brief introduction is provided in the following.

Red MR


For people who like to sing English songs, Red MR definitely suits your need. It offers a large collection of English songs, including latest hits as well. There are also some facilities you can enjoy in the common area, such as billiard and video games, depend on the branch you are going to. Similar to most of the Karaoke places, you can order food within the price equivalent to the flat fee without paying additionally.

The Derby


Near Happy Valley where people watch horse races and plan on their best bet, The Derby is where people go for celebration. As an British traditional bar, besides enjoying food and chitchatting with friends, there are also live band performances taking place from time to time. As long as you pay for a drink, you will have the chance to stand up to the stage and sing with the live band. They have a comprehensive archive where you can select the song you want, and it’s absolutely a remarkable “real-life Karaoke” experience.



However, if you prefer a more intensive pastime to sing your heart out, CEO Neway is your option. It is a karaoke chain having branches in Wanchai, Causeway Bay and etc. Not only are they known for having spacious rooms, but the song collection here can pretty much satisfies both Chinese and English singers. The price is also reasonable, which is normally around 15~100HKD.