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How To Find The Right Dog For Your Apartment

Hong Kong Living | June 3, 2015

We know how it is. Your eyes meet across the yard and it’s love at first sight. She runs towards you and as you kneel to greet her, her tongue whips out and covers your face with kisses. You’ve found your new life partner, and she’s furry with four legs and more energy than you could possibly imagine.

Having a dog in Hong Kong comes with it’s own special set of problems that pet owners elsewhere won’t face, so choosing the right dog from the start can be the most important part of your new lives together. If you live in a beach house in Shek O, space isn’t an issue and a higher energy dog is perfect for all of your hikes to Dragon’s Back. However, if your apartment is 400 sq/ft in Wanchai, a lower energy or older dog might be the ticket.
In addition to space, your lifestyle can also be a factor is choosing the right pooch. Do you love going hiking through the wilds of Sai Kung on the weekends or does your idea of the perfect Saturday involve laying inert on the sofa? Active dogs need lots of exercise, not only regular walks throughout the week. A long hike can keep high energy dogs happy and prevent negative activities like chewing, barking and hyperactivity.

A dog’s size isn’t the best indication as to what the energy level will be. A Jack Russell Terrier will need much more exercise than a Bassett Hound, so make sure to research the breed before adopting. If you’re adopting from a local shelter and aren’t sure exactly what you’re getting, it’s a good idea to speak with the shelter’s volunteers, walkers and vets to find a dog that meets your energy levels.

Another consideration for those of us in the city is the proximity to off leash dog parks. We have very few options, so choosing a place a short walk or taxi ride away from a dog park can give your dog an extra boost of exercise without much exertion on your part. It’s also a great way for dogs to socialize and get some much needed playtime with their four legged peers.

DogChoosing the right dog can make all of the difference in both of your lives, so don’t just go for the one with the cutest puppy dog eyes. Do a little research to find the best companion for your life together.

And for all of you cat owners out there, don’t look so smug. We’ll be covering cat issues soon;-)

This guest blog was written by Cori at Pet Project HK.

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