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Earn Rental Income With Tiny Houses In Australia

Overseas Property | March 4, 2021

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Tiny Houses – New Trend for Holiday Accommodation

Holiday-goers used to seek out big names in the luxury hotel industry for their accommodation needs whenever they travel.

However in recent years, we are beginning to see a paradigm shift in the choices that travellers make, more often than not, tending towards a more experiential kind of accommodation.

Hotel, motel and resort rooms are no longer just a place for them to shower and sleep in. Guests are now looking for that something extra; a special experience, which allows them to leave with fond memories and stories that they will be proud to share with their family and friends on social media.

What more, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic going on, even top travel hotelier CEOs from companies like Hilton and Club Med are predicting that travellers will prefer smaller, less dense hotels and outdoor amenities going forward.

Why Rent Out Your Tiny House?

Most owners choose to use the tiny house for own stay, as a guest house or home-office in the backyard or as a holiday home anywhere around the world.

You can also rent out in the short or long term as an additional source of income whenever you are not using it yourself to defray the costs of maintaining the tiny house and recover some of the cost of purchasing it.

This new eco-tourism concept comes with the benefit of being hosted on scenic land in Australia. They can be parked on land owned by farmers or vineyard owners, who get a slice of the rental profits.

At Tiny Away, we help rent out your tiny houses on online accommodation booking sites like Airbnb and help you fully manage it.

After you have purchased your tiny house from Build Tiny for your own usage, you might think about making full use of it by renting it out, rather than letting it sit empty.

You can choose to appoint Tiny Away ( as your managing agent, which is also a Big Tiny subsidiary, to help manage your tiny houses.

Tiny Away in Australia, partners with land hosts and places tiny houses in spectacular rural settings, surrounded by nature. They can be on animal farms, fruit orchards, vineyards or just places with amazing scenery.

After deploying your tiny houses to scenic locations and listing them up on major accommodation-booking platforms, we closely monitor the occupancy rates in the upcoming months.

Should you not enjoy the surroundings of your tiny house or find that the occupancy rate is less than ideal, you have the option of moving the tiny house to other locations where are more suitable surroundings or higher demand.

And if at any point in time, you feel that tiny house ownership is not working out for you, Tiny Away will also help in the resale of your tiny house back to Build Tiny at rates and on terms and conditions that are made known to you before the purchase.

Aimed at helping stressed-out city dwellers re-discover and connect with Nature, yet providing the creature comforts of a normal home, Tiny Away has been managing more than 30 of such properties for the past few years, with sterling reviews and testimonials from hundreds of satisfied guests.

See our latest Tiny Houses the Reyes and Minimalist on Spacious’ Featured listing:–tiny-house-on-wheels

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