What Home Sellers Should Know About Hong Kong Property Investors

Once a game for only a few, outbound property investment has gained popularity among the mass market in recent years. Property investors are looking at overseas real estate as a way to skirt high domestic home prices and diversify their portfolios. If you are a developer with a new property development or an indie home seller in the existing home …

Bella Ma - April 3, 2019

5 Pet-Friendly Housing Options for Hong Kong

As a cat or dog owner, buying or renting a flat in Hong Kong means you’ll have an extra clause or two to deal with. Hong Kong landlords and estate management aren’t exactly known for their pet friendliness. Most often home sellers will make the ‘no pet’ policy visible in their listings, but sometimes you will only know when you …

Sarah Stone - April 1, 2019

A Simplified Guide to Hong Kong’s Stamp Duty 2019

Buying a new home is exciting! Yet in Hong Kong, you better be familiar with the current stamp duty (taxes) policies or you might end up shocked by what you have to pay for a new apartment in this city – already some of the world’s most expensive and unaffordable homes. (Updated March 2019) What is stamp duty in Hong …

Tracy Lam - March 28, 2019

Expert Insights – Piers Brunner, CEO, Knight Frank Greater China (March 2019)

Spacious Influencer Series: Piers Brunner Piers Brunner is the Chief Executive Officer for Greater China at Knight Frank, one of the world’s leading independent property advisors on commercial and residential markets. Based in Hong Kong and a veteran in the real estate industry with almost 30 years of experience, Piers has a wealth of experience in tenant representation – one …

Bella Ma - March 26, 2019

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Asif Ghafoor - August 2, 2018

3 Greater Bay Area Projects That Will Massively Impact Property

Three unprecedented infrastructure projects that improve Hong Kong’s links to Mainland China will be completed by the end of 2018. This will allow the 68 million people and major cities of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Macau/Zhuhai, and Guangzhou to be more connected than ever before. The projects will massively change the dynamics of the Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area property …

James Fisher - July 26, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Move to a Mong Kok Apartment

When you hear Mong Kok, the first thing that comes to your mind may be a scene of bustling crowds and shopping streets. Mong Kok is known to many people as a commuter transport hub as well as a shopping and market district but have you ever considered to rent or buy a Mong Kok apartment?  Spacious will explain the 5 …

Doris Liu - April 16, 2018