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Want to live cheap near HKUST in Clear Water Bay? Here’s how!

Hong Kong Property | August 4, 2015

Who says you can’t live cheap in Clear Water Bay? Clear Water Bay isn’t only for snobby millionaires – students can afford to live in this peaceful area too! If you’re a HKUST university student looking for cheap housing, here are some affordable apartments near the south gate:

**Listings sorted from lowest to highest price per person**

Leung Fai Tin – Clear Water bay

For $4,333 HKD a month, you can live in this swanky property located right in the middle of Clear Water Bay school. Equipped with a rooftop, you can enjoy the magnetic view at the comfort of your own home. All you need is to get 2 other roommates to share the rent with you, then you’re good to go!

Mau Po Village – Clear Water Bay

Experience the village life by living in this 700 sqft property – it only costs $5k HKD per person! This 3 bedroom property may be a little far out, but it comes with a carpark space, so you can park your car at home!

Clear Water Bay Road  – Clear Water Bay

This property may be the same size as the previous one, but for an extra $5,333 HKD per month, you get your very own private garden at home! Once again, all you need is to find two extra roommates to pay the rent and enjoy peace and quiet together in Clear Water Bay.


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