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Other than collapsing buildings, To Kwa Wan is famous for other things too!

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • August 27, 2015

When it comes to To Kwa Wan, it seems like all you hear on the news is buildings collapsing in this area, but it’s only because most of these buildings were built in the mid-20th century. For those who have no idea where To Kwa Wan is, this neighbourhood is an old area of Hung Hom and technically part of the Kowloon City district. Venturing into To Kwa Wan is like stepping into old Hong Kong – with surrounding mid-rise buildings no higher than 10 floors, you’ll get lost in time here. But other than run-down buildings, there’s actually tons to do in To Kwa Wan!

Watch the sunset at the pier

The pier is technically called “Kowloon City Pier”, but it’s physically located in To Kwa Wan. The pier is always a hotspot for couples, but if Tsim Sha Tsui pier gets too crowded, you can find some privacy at the Kowloon City Pier instead. What’s more romantic than sitting at a quiet pier with your loved one and watching the sunset together?

Hang out at Hoi Sham Park

Football fanatics in Hong Kong always complain that the public football grounds are always booked up for the entire year. Instead of waiting for eternity for a spot to open up at Victoria Park, you’ll have more luck playing some footy at Hoi Sham Park. Other than football courts, the Fishtail Rock and Hoi Sham Rock are dating hotspots for couples.

Check out artists living in a slaughterhouse

To be precise, these artists are living in a former slaughterhouse, but after undergoing renovation and redevelopment in 2001, it has transformed into a trendy and modern artist village for local artists to showcase their work. At the Cattle Depot Artist Village, visitors are more than welcome to step into the artists’ office and meet them face to face. They may have a huge ego, but they don’t bite!

Eat ghetto Chinese Noodles

Some people may be grossed out by ghetto Chinese restaurants, but what it lacks in cleanliness, it makes up for in character and personality. The next time you’re in time, grab a bite to eat at “Eat Together”. The name may not seem very appealing, but the price and quality are totally worth it. Don’t forget to bring along a local friend to help you translate the menu!

Eat cheap Thai food in Kowloon City

If you get bored of hanging at To Kwa Wan, Kowloon City is just a short bus ride away. Make sure you go with an empty stomach though, because Kowloon City is full of cheap and authentic Thai food and “Chiu Chow” food. After eating, you can sleep off your food coma by getting a Chinese or Thai massage at one of the many massage places there.

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