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The Spacious Christmas Gift Guide

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • December 23, 2016

Shopping for presents around the Holidays is a stressful time. The shopping malls are filled to the brim with customers, while the time is quickly slipping away until Christmas day. Let The Spacious Christmas Gift Guide give you some inspiration about what to get everyone on your list this holiday season.

For Her:

Price: from $700 HKD

Image Source: Pandora.

Get the special woman in your life a classic gift by opting for jewelry. Pandora just released their Christmas 2016 collection for a limited time this holiday season, which offers a great selection of jewels and gems, including blue stones, pearls, and a vast array of diamonds. All you have to do is decide between a necklace, earrings, or a ring.

Travel Luggage
Price: from $208 HKD

Image Source: Zalora

Is she always on-the-go? If the leading lady in your life is an international jetsetter (or just enjoys a good vacation every now and then), then this gift will be both practical and adorable. This eye-catching luggage, available at Zalora, is a great option. It features adorable Hong Kong icons that will make sure she never mistakes what suitcase is hers at the airport.

For Him:

Decorative Mug
Price: $140 HKD


Image Source: 13 The Element.

For the man who loves his morning coffee, get him a mug that he’ll be thrilled to drink out of. This mug, available at 13th Element, features the names of streets within Hong Kong, making this gift very appropriate. Throw in a bag of his favourite coffee or other hot drink and your gift will be ready to go!

Relaxing Massage
Price: around $490 HKD

Image Source: Asia Tatler.

You know more than anyone that your man needs a bit of rest and relaxation every now and then, even if he won’t admit it himself. Treat him to a massage as his Christmas Gift. Pick up a gift certificate from Gentlemen’s Tonic (43-49 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong) so he can enjoy some time for himself come the New Year.

For Mom:

Scented Candle
Price: $195 HKD

Image Source: BeCandle.

Give mom a gift she can enjoy well into the new Year. A hand-poured scented candle from BeCandle’s Sai Kung studio is sure to be a charming present. The candles come in a variety of sizes and scents, including driftwood, gingerlily, and peppermint.

Chocolates Handmade in Hong Kong
Price: $684 USD

Image Source: Choco Choco

Mom deserves a gift as luxurious as her. These delicious chocolates are handmade in Hong Kong by Choco Choco, presented in delicate boxes with intricate motifs. You can opt for the 2-piece gift box, which would make a perfect stocking stuffer, or opt for one of their larger boxes, which include 9, 16, and 25-piece gift box sets.

For Dad:

Briefcase or Satchel
Price: $1055 HKD

Image Source: 15 Squares Treet.

We bet Dad always seems like he’s working (whether he’s at home or not). Give him a gift that he can use daily and that will also help him organize all of his work and personal documents. The ‘Any Day’ bag from 15 Square Street is a perfect choice both for its timeless, roomy design and versatility. Your dad is bound to be one of the most stylish fathers around with this bag on his shoulder.

Canon EOS M
Price: $7000 HKD


Image Source: Kenrockwell

Help your Dad discover a new hobby by getting him interested in photography with the help of a new Canon EOS M. This camera is lightweight, comes with a variety of specialty lenses, and it great for novices. Though this gift runs on the pricier option, you can be sure Dad will love taking pictures of the entire family, starting with Christmas day.

For the Kids:

Electric Keyboard and Microphone
Price: $675 HKD

Image from Shopcade

Let your little ones unleash their inner rockstar with this creative gift idea. Available at, the Early Learning Centre Key-Boom Board features a miniature keyboard as well as microphone and built-in drum set. You child will be singing and playing their heart out as soon as they unwrap this exciting present.

My Hong Kong Book for Kids
Price: $190 HKD


Image Source: Bookazine

If you want your gift to be both exciting and education, consider giving the My Hong Kong Book for Kids. The story takes children beyond the concrete jungle of the urban city to remind children all that Hong Kong has to offer, besides tall, shiny buildings and shopping centres. You can find the book at Bookzaine or any other local Hong Kong bookseller.


For the Teenager:

Zalora Phone Case
Price: $140 HKD

Image Source: Zalora

Since it seems like teenagers never look up from their phones anymore, give them a gift they’ll be seeing on a regular basis. These designer phone cases from Zalora will be their most favourite glamorous accessory. Whether you opt for the Hong Kong skyline case (picture) or something different, this is one gift the teen in your life will surely love.

A T-shirt from RONG
Price: $350 HKD

Image Source: Sassy Hong Kong.

These T-shirts from RONG have been trending amongst youth lately within Hong Kong. RONG takes famous Chinese idioms and phrases and translates them into English in order to print them onto the shirt in their classic style. RONG t-shirts are made with top quality cotton and are true to fit, making this a great gift option for the stylish teenager in your life.

For the Friend:

Man Cha Teas
Cost: from $150 HKD

Image Source: Man Cha Teas

Surprise your tea-loving friend with this fancy set of tea bags. Man Cha Teas was created by two former teachers, who combined their passion for education with their  love of tea. An amount of the proceeds made from their products are donated towards improving children’s education worldwide.  

Skyline Pillow of Hong Kong
Cost: $650 HKD

Image Source: Sooq.

These gorgeous pillows are available at Sooq and feature striking digital prints of Hong Kong, including gorgeous city shots and views of the harbour. Your friend will love that you’ve incorporated a bit of Hong Kong pride in your gift choice along with its aesthetic appeal.

For the Pet:

Pet Bed
Price: from $545 HKD

Image Source: Whiskers n’ Paws.

Of course you can’t forget about a gift for your beloved pet! Spoil your pet and invest in a quality pet bed so they can sleep and rest in comfort. We’re sure your dog will be wagging his tail come Christmas morning when he realizes what his Christmas gift is. The Faux Suede Snuggle Bed, available from Whiskers n’ Paws, is a comfy option for pets of all sizes.


Shopping for Christmas presents doesn’t have to be a stressful time with these suggestions! Once you know what you want to get it’s as easy as clicking the ‘order’ button on the website and then you can spend the rest of your holiday season spending time with your family.

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