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The “Disappearing” Buildings in Hong Kong (III) -- The Last Corner Tenement Building in Wan Chai

Hong Kong Living | February 28, 2017

Wan Chai was known as “Ha Wan” in the past. Owning to the reconstruction, it leads to a rapid dropping number of the historical buildings in Wan Chai in the recent years, such as Lee Tung Street, also known as Wedding Card Street as it was a centre for publishing wedding cards. In fact, Wan Chai is still there remains some historical architecture. Let’s take this opportunity to find out the “lucky” historical buildings!

Green House (Comix Home Base)

Green House was ten four-storey buildings that was built in the 1910s. Green House was named after having a green colour paint on the walls of the buildings. It was originally a residence for the grassroots. It has been classified as a grade II historic building.

Green house was taken back by the Hong Kong government in 2013 for the urban renewal. It becomes Comix Home Base and has turned into retail, art galleries, regular exhibitions, workshops and other purposes.

A sign of an old shop is still kept at one of the exits.

While walking to the atrium, there are two air pedestrian corridors on the third floor to connect two buildings. The ground floor in Mallory Street still retains the original terrace, French-style doors and windows, wooden stairs and other original building elements and materials.

Address: 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai

To get there:

Blue House

Taken in March 2015.

The four-storey Blue House was built in 1922 and was classified as a grade I historic building. The origin of its name is apparently come from its wall colour. It is said to have been repaired in the 1990s, and its wall was painted with the only remaining blue paint in the material storage room.

Blue House is now under renovation.

Before the Second World War, Blue House used to be a temple, martial arts, medical museum, English secondary schools and in other uses. After the war, it has turned into a residential house.

The painting on the wall is reminding people to keep clean.

Blue House is currently being renovated and it will retain its architectural features such as the wooden staircase, original floor tiles, doors and windows. Some organizations have launched the “Blue House Cluster Good Neighbors Scheme”, which aims to share the belief of sharing and living together. Six flats in Blue House is leasing after refurbishment and it is expected to be completed in mid-March.

Blue House is now on lease.

Address: 72 Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai

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6 Stewart Road

An old tenement building is located in the corner of 6 Stewart Road, which has nearly 90 years of history and it has been classified as grade III historic building. The owner believes that the Antiquities Advisory Board has underestimated its historical value, and the conservationists also criticizes their poor judgement and therefore opposes the rating. 

The door at the entrance has been locked up.

In last year, the occupants in the building were asked to move away. All the old shops have already been vacated. The only corner tenement building in Hong Kong is likely to be vanished.

The empty restaurant on the ground floor.

In 2015, another corner tenement building situated in Wan Chai – Tung Tak Pawn has already been demolished by the owners. Is 6 Stewart Road eventually facing the same doom?

Tung Tak Pawn was built in 1930 and was classified as grade III historic building. Image from: Stand News.

Address: 6 Stewart Road, Wan Chai

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