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South Horizons Penthouse Sold at HK$34.1m, Seven Victory Avenue To Roll Out 25 New Units

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • November 23, 2016

South Horizons Penthouse Sold at HK$34.1m
South Horizons home prices may benefit from the coming South Island Line commencement. A penthouse of the estate was open for bid yesterday. 6 bidders participated in the bid and the unit was finally sold at HK$34.1 million, or HK$25,658 per square foot, both setting the highest records for the estate. The transaction price of this three-room 1,329-square-foot penthouse with a 452-square-foot open rooftop is 84% higher than the average cost per square foot of South Horizons.

Seven Victory Avenue To Roll Out 25 New Units
Ho Man Tin’s Seven Victory Avenue released a new price list with 25 new units, including 8 studios, 14 one-room and 3 two-room units. The new discounted prices range from HK$18,693 to 25,138 per square foot, while the average price is HK$21,553. The cheapest flat is the 180-sqaure-foot unit in Room H, 25th floor, which costs HK$4.3149 million or HK$23,972 per square foot. The developer Henderson also announced new sales arrangement that 6 flats will be available for sale this Saturday.

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