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Should you rent in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Property | January 20, 2016

Most people in Hong Kong tend to live with their parents – there are only a handful of friends I know that actually rent in Hong Kong. Even if they are doing a long commute to work or university every day, many would rather save that money and live at home rather than deal with the hassle of renting out. But sometimes the balance can tip… Are you considering whether you should move out? Here’s three questions for you to work out whether or not you are up for it:

1) Do you have a big family?

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Hong Kong is notorious for its small living space. If you have a large family then it’s more likely that you would rub each other the wrong way give that you all have less personal space. So perhaps it would be easier if you put some distance – it is a proven way to ease tension and mend your relationships. Not to mention that fact that storage spaces are running out, although we might have a few DIY fixes for you…

2) Do you have a long commute?

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There is no question that Hong Kong have a strenuous work culture with long working hours, if you factor in an extra hour of commute each way then you are really only home for showering and sleeping during the weekdays. Studies have shown that people who commute long hours have lower life satisfactory rate. And time is money, if you can move to somewhere closer to work, you might end up saving three hours a day – think of what you can do with three hours!

3) Be independent.

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This is not exactly a question. But for a lot of born and bred Hong Kongers who live at home their whole lives, we don’t really have a chance to be independent of our parents. Of course, it’s a little different if you had been to boarding school or what not. But perhaps gives living with yourselves or friends a try, get some personal space away from your parents’ prying eyes.

Although come to think of it – trying to rent in Hong Kong isn’t exactly easy business. You have to worry about running into a trap listing, or that the landlord is asking for above market price. So why not use Spacious’ website or app to see if there is anything that match your budget and requirement? It also saves you time to run around right from the start.

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