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3 spots you probably haven’t checked out on Lamma Island yet

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • December 3, 2015

Whenever it’s the weekend, it seems like everyone in the city wants to get away from the concrete jungle and escape into nature. One of the common outlying islands people like to escape to is Lamma Island. Other than roaming the Yung Shue Wan Main street, there’s actually quite a few quirky spots hidden here and there on the island. If you don’t have weekend plans, head over to Lamma Island and discover why expat hippies love it there!

Eat like a (vegetarian) king at Bookworm cafe

Living in a city of carnivores, it may sometimes be challenging for vegetarians to find a proper dining spot. When you ask for “vegetarian noodles” in a cha chaan teng,  you’re most likely to get plain noodles with a sliver of choi sum on the side. At Bookworm cafe on Lamma Island, vegetarian meals are much less depressing, with an extensive menu featuring items such as Shepherdess Pie, burgers and pizzas. Finally, a restaurant that is designed exclusively for vegetarians!

Explore secret Japanese tunnels from WWII at Kamikaze Cave

History buffs would love this – what better way to learn about history than live it and crawl through the same secret tunnels Japanese soldiers used back in World War II? Do keep in mind that the tunnels over at Kamikaze Cave can get a little tight, so claustrophobics may want to stay outside to avoid a panic attack. Finding this hidden spot may be tough, which is why you should consult this in-depth guide on how to find Kamikaze Cave on Lamma Island.

Fisherfolk Village

If you want to experience the fishermen’s lifestyle, head over to Fisherfolk Village on Lamma Island. You’re bound to get an authentic experience there, because this particular spot has over 6,000 years of fishing history. You can learn how to haul fishing nets, weave ropes and even learn the art of “hookless” fishing. Before you head over to the fish farm, don’t forget to get tickets at the booth near the pier in Sok Kwu Wan!

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