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[Video] King's Cube may look like a serviced apartment, but it's actually a sad little subdivided unit

Hong Kong Property | July 14, 2015

Subdivided apartment. Those who live in Hong Kong are no stranger to this term. It isn’t like most Hong Kong apartments are small enough as it is, the fact that many of these are further subdivided into barely walk-able rooms that offers nothing more than a place to sleep.

Sham Shui Po is a district where such subdivided apartments are notorious. In fact, the existence and idea of subdivided apartment is so reflective of the difficulties of the Hong Kong property market, that this viral video was born.

Created by Joe You as an academic project for her Master of Fine Arts degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, this viral satire video shows how hard-sell real estate agents need to be to sell crappy subdivided apartments to tenants. The fictional “King’s Cube” may seem like a luxury apartment on the outside, but the reality is it’s a 16.4 square foot “coffin” room in Sham Shui Po.


Every feature was praised in an attempt to woo viewers into believing that such a subdivided apartment is in reality a catch. From the decoration to staging to windows, to even the lack of an en-suite bathroom. It also highlights the unrealism of show room apartment and the apartment you will receive. There isn’t even a window in the other room.

The existence of subdivided apartments is a great indication of the lack of space in Hong Kong as well as the high cost of renting and buying. A large number of people, families included, live in subdivided apartments and not just as a place to rest for university. With a huge queue for people waiting for public housing and the unaffordability of buying, we’ll probably sleep standing up in the future!

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