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22 Smart & Small Household Items to Expand your HK Apartment Life

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  • May 21, 2020

It is a well-known fact that Hong Kong flats are ridiculously small sized (like a shoebox). But you don’t have to inhabit a huge space to be livin’ large. Here are 22 small yet smart household products that will vastly expand your life.

For your Room

  1. Invisible Double Book shelf

This clever bookshelf saves space and makes it look like your books are floating on your wall.

2. The Portable USB Humidifier 

Why buy the bulky one when there is portable humidifier?

3. A serious jewellery organizer 

It is always nice to have something to put gazillion earrings / piercings in and keep them in order.


4. Collapsible Laundry Basket

It folds up flat for easy storage.

5. An Upholstered Storage Headboard 

If you are an adult, it’s time to get that bed off the floor and invest in an awesome headboard.

6. Cord Balls

They’re like little hungry munchkins that will “eat” up to five feet of cable to keep your media centers and room free of clutter.

For your living room

  1. The Couch Arm Wrap

Great for keeping your drink rested without spilling!

2. Baby Onesie Mop

Is your newborn baby taking up too much space? Well, then let’s put him / her to good use!

3. The Shoe Ottoman 

For all the shoeaholics with a chronic case of shoe overflow.

For your Kitchen

1.The Puzzleboard

Ahh, 3-in-1 goodness! This can be a wine-holding plate, a cutting board, or an interlocking serving piece.

2. Two-tier Dish Rack

An absolute necessity for small kitches

3. The One-Stop-Chop Cutting board 

This photo sells it all.


4. The Divided Skillet

Where have you been all my life? You can cook two single-serving dishes while only dirtying one dish

5. Bottleloft 

Trust me, your wife will stop nagging at you for buying too much beer and taking up most of your fridge space.

6. Corner Drying Rack

This is for those with achingly precoious counter real estate.

7. Sliding Shelves for Cabinets

They ain’t pretty, but you’ll get so much more use out of those awkward spaces.

8. Microwave-safe Bowl

Cook, strain, eat, and store your food in one bowl. Perfect for cooking instant ramen.


9. A Cabinet Door Wastebasket 

Super functional and space-saving.

10. Over-the-Fridge Caddy

No time to organize cutleries? No worries.


1. Shower Curtain Rods

Leave it high & dry. A surefire tiny bathroom solution.

2. The toilet paper and magazine holder

Must-have item for poop library.


3. An Over-the-Faucet Shelf tor Toiletries 

Let this innovative household product sink in.

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