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Find Discounted Haunted Apartments With the First Augmented Reality Search App for Real Estate

Hong Kong Property | October 28, 2016

Ready to do some ghostbusting? The latest version of Spacious‘ top-ranked real estate app, provides users with an augmented reality (AR) experience of searching for ‘ghost apartments’ in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainlandChina. The new feature, which was influenced by the successful Pokemon Go app, marks the first time AR has been used in conjunction with an apartment search feature.

Spacious app marks the first time AR being used in conjunction with an apartment search feature.

Feng Shui: A Chinese Tradition and Ghost Houses

In Greater China, if there is an unusual death in an apartment or house many believe it is haunted and considered bad Feng Shui because the ghost of the deceased still occupies the residence and as a result, it can sell or rent for a substantial discount to the market rate.

Spacious, led by CEO & Founder, Asif Ghafoor, took this understanding of the local market and saw an opportunity to provide this data on potentially haunted locations to Spacious users.  Property searchers who are less concerned about these events, mainly younger local professionals and expats, can use haunting data to locate apartments that may be priced below the market value.

Gameplay: How does it work?

When a user is near a haunted location, ghosts actually appear in the AR interface, alongside apartment listing information. Asif spoke on the gameplay saying, “Using our app you can now walk around town find listings overlaid on the real world so you can visualize your new home and see that additional level of insight into what it would be like to live there. In addition, we also added the ghosts around town so you can catch them using your phone if you fancy some exercise.”

Spacious’ Technical Advantage

In the wake of Pokemon Go, the Spacious team was able to develop its AR interface in only a few months. Spacious was founded in 2013, since that time the company has made incredible market share gains and continues to bring new technology to the real estate industry in Greater China including mainland China and Taiwan.

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