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Exploring Another Side of Hong Kong: 5 Must Go Places for Expats

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • February 22, 2017

Though we don’t have long public holidays and vacation days in this month that beckon us to book long flights and plan trips to other countries, we can still explore Hong Kong during weekends! While we are always up for spending our leisure time in those typical touristy spots, nothing beats the allure of visiting somewhere new and revealing Hong Kong’s another sides simultaneously. Here are 5 must go places for expats to see Hong Kong’s different sides!

  1. Temple Street

Temple street is somewhere really homey and down to earth in the sense that it is easily accessible and comparatively small. It is not somewhere fancy like the emblematic well-designed shopping malls which feature renowned brands that you can always find in Hong Kong, but its pedestrian market which is of approximately a kilometer long accentuates the lots of simple and modest food stalls where restaurant tables serve up good. All the stalls are laid out on the straight and relatively short street, allowing you to choose your favorites within the mix of different kinds of goods. You can do your most casual shopping even bargain hunting here! This is just the perfect place for you to experience a quieter and more airy Hong Kong while feeling our the warm and friendly hospitality.

source: travelersdigest

2. Ma Wan (Tung Wan Beach)

While people usually go to Victoria Harbor for the stunning sea view, I suggest you going to Tung Wan Beach in Ma Wan. Sitting on the soft sands by the seaside, admiring the stun of Tsing Ma Bridge, the world’s 9th-longest span suspension bridge, and the captivating sunset and the amazing lighting of the bridge and the nearby buildings, are what make your day incredible. You can also visit the Ma Wan Park there with “Naturally Hong Kong” as theme, emphasizing on retaining and refurbishing the existing structures in Ma Wan and conservation of the natural environment and cultural heritage. Hong Kong is renowned for having crowds of skyscrapers, but here, Ma Wan, just reveals the other side of Hong Kong to you, making you feel closer to the nature.

source: hklt

3. Aberdeen Harbor (Jumbo Kingdom)

Aberdeen harbor is the home of hundreds of people who live on fishing junks. Here is merely a huge contrast of modern and traditional setting. Want a glimpse of the Aberdeen way of life? Visit Jumbo Kingdom, the iconic Floating Palaces of Hong Kong, the world-renowned floating restaurant with rich historical background. This Kingdom took four years and millions of dollars to design and build, featuring a lot of dragons, pagodas and red and gold decorations which symbolizes empire, prosperity and good fortune. It is adorned in the style of a exquisite and glorious ancient Chinese imperial palace. Not only is the view here remarkable, the food served by the restaurants here is also notable. The seafood is freshly caught, the Peking Ducks are with impressively crispy duck skin, all of them will surely astound you.

source: asiahotel

4. Cheung Chau

Small it may be, but Cheung Chau undoubtedly packs a powerful punch when it comes to attractions. It is just another heavenly short ferry ride away from the city which many of you might have overlooked! Aside from its annual Bun Festival fun, there are also the bizarre and picturesque harbor bustling with all sorts of fishing activities, and an array of restaurants and various cafes that satisfy your stomach no matter what time you go! Oh! Don’t forget to check out Hong Kong’s famous traditional snacks, fishballs, in Cheung Chau because it got some of the HK’s best known fishballs. Moreover, the mango mochi here is also a must-try! They are just deliciously sweet and stringy. All these simply make Cheung Chau an interesting getaway all year round.

source: mintmocha

5. Tai O Village

Visiting Tai O village offers you an exceptional experience that you can’t find anywhere else in Hong Kong. Away from the crowded city, deluxe shopping malls, and theme parks that most tourists go, Tai O is where you can find a quieter place and really get to know more about Tanka people’s the traditional way of life. The home on stilts over tidal flats are the icon of Tai O Village. The structures are unusual and interconnected, building a fisherman’s community, letting them on the water. Isn’t this exclusive? Some of the villagers also offer boat rides around the village, in which you can grasp the chance to take some enchanting photos! After that, you can visit the local markets to try the fresh seafood. The experience must be extraordinary.

source: hktb
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