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[Video] Cool drone footage shows you the cost of living in HK and the US, including porsches and big macs

Hong Kong Living | October 5, 2015

Is Hong Kong the most expensive city to live in? We all know that property prices are insane here, but when it comes to cost of living, some things are more pricey than others. This video from (Videos Future Millionaires Watch) breaks it down for you and shows you the price difference in Hong Kong and the US. If you’re too lazy to watch the video, here’s the lowdown on the difference in cost of living in these two places:


Did you know…

That Porsches cost 3 times more in Hong Kong than in the US?

If you were thinking of ballin’ out and showing off your wealth in Hong Kong, you may want to hold off on buying a porsche here and pop bottles in the club instead. A porsche in the US may cost around $80K USD, but in Hong Kong you’d have to pay three times as much AND pay double for gas!


Also, I bet you didn’t know…

That it costs $1 million USD to buy a taxi in Hong Kong with a license. No wonder taxi drivers here are so grumpy all the time!


If you’re a die hard Mcdonald’s fan…

You’d be happy to know that a big mac in Hong Kong costs half as much as the US! In Hong Kong, you’d only have to pay around $2.10 USD, whereas in the US you’d have to pay $4.20 USD. But given the size of big macs nowadays, maybe it’s not even worth $2.10 USD…


For those earning minimum wage…

You may want to move to the US. In Hong Kong, the minimum wage is around $4 USD per hour, but in the US, you get paid $9 USD per hour! Do keep in mind certain cost of living may cost more in the US, but earning $9 USD  in the US would definitely help boost your ego!


If you’re hunting for luxury condos…

The average price for a Hong Kong 350 sq. ft. studio for rent is around $2,800 USD, whereas a Hong Kong 455 sq. ft. studio for sale costs around $1 million USD. A lot of you may be on the lookout for apartments for rent or apartments for sale in Hong Kong, but you may want to hold off on renting or buying luxury condos here!


Last but not least, did you know that the office rent downtown…

Costs double the price in Hong Kong? An office rental in Hong Kong’s city centre costs around $240/sq. ft. on average, but in the US, an office downtown only costs around $120 USD/sq. ft.

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