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Change your paint colour, increase your home selling price!

Home Improvement | May 21, 2020

Have you ever taken colour into consideration when you sell your house? If not, then you should. According to Zillow, a real estate and rental marketplace, colour definitely plays an important role in changing people’s perception towards a house, and therefore affecting the selling price. Here comes the conclusion of the company after examining over 32,000 photos from sold homes to illustrate how certain paint colours changed their average sale price compared to homes of similar value with white walls:

Yellow is against the tide now

In 2016, painting your walls with a yellow colour could approximately increase the sale price from $1,100 to $1,300 (USD, same as below). However, in 2017, such colour could decrease your home’s value by an estimated $820.

Yellow is against the tide now. Image from Breaking Design.

Terracotta is all the time unpopular

Unlike yellow which has been once welcomed, terracotta is never preferred. In 2016, homes with terracotta walls were sold about $800 less than Zillow’s predicted selling price. In 2017, the selling price loss even drastically increases to about $2,000.

Terracotta is all the time unpopular. Image from Pinterest.

Blue is highly regarded

Blue resembles the colour of the sky so rooms with blue walls seem to have a larger space. The colour is also pleasant enough for buyers to envision themselves living in a comfortable environment. Statistics also showed that homes with blue paintings sold for $5,440 more than expected.

Blue is highly regarded. Image from Decor Pad.

White is to be avoided

Generally, light and simple colours are attractive to buyers. However, no colour or white colour, is an exception. It is observed that houses with no paint colour or white colour were sold for an average $4,000 less than similar homes.

White is to be avoided. Image from decordots.

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