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Don’t want to meet a ghost? Here are 5 things NOT to do during Hungry Ghost Festival

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  • August 4, 2015

Gweilos all know about Halloween, but how much do you know about the Chinese version of Halloween? This year’s Hungry Ghost Festival is on the 28th of August, but you basically have to be aware of ghosts the entire month, because this is the time when they’re free to roam the world. Call it superstition if you will, but if I were you, I’d think twice about doing these things during Hungry Ghost Festival!

Hang clothes out to dry at night

You may not know this, but ghosts are pretty fashion conscious too. If they see a piece of clothing they like outside, this might attract their attention and give them incentive to visit your home.

Walk next to the wall

Ghosts like to avoid the heat like us humans too – since there’s no air conditioning on the streets, they have to rest up against the wall to cool down. If you walk right next to the wall, you might get in the ghost’s way and give them a reason to bother you at home.

Pick up loose change on the street

Finding loose change on the street may seem like good luck to you, but when it comes to Hungry Ghost Festival, you should think twice about picking it up. If you pick it up at night, it might’ve been left by a ghost trying to teach greedy people a lesson.

Look back while walking

When walking in a quiet area, don’t look back even if you hear someone calling your name. Let me set the scene for you – it’s quiet, it’s late at night and not a soul in sight on the streets…who else would be calling your name?

Stick your chopsticks in the middle of a bowl of rice

If you ever catch yourself sticking your chopsticks in the middle of a bowl of rice, you may want to reposition your chopsticks right away – apparently this resembles the incense sticks you find in temples. If you do this at home, the ghosts may mistaken this behaviour as you giving them your blessing to visit your home!

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