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5 Online Marketing Tactics Property Agents Should Know to Get 3x Enquiries

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • July 19, 2017

Recently, an agent told me that his company is getting more enquiries from Spacious than the other platforms in Hong Kong. He shared the data with me and let me have a look on the comparison of the three major platforms.

5 Online Marketing Tactics Property Agents Should Know to Get 3x Enquiries

From the above table, one could see Spacious has been giving more – even a triple number of enquiries than the other two platforms since January.

What makes Spacious and this client getting much more enquiries than their major competitors, and what are the major components that make a online real estate platform stand out from others? We might drill it down from 5 different angles as follow:

(1) A good online platform should trace the number of enquiries received by each agent, the overall conversion rate and that of each client. An efficient platform would have a minimum conversion rate of 5%, while Spacious has an average of 7% to 22% conversion rate – much higher than the average 1% in the industry.

(2) A normal company would usually spend its digital marketing budget on increasing website traffic – so that the company could have higher bargaining power in making related revenues. On the contrary, Spacious spends the marketing budget FOR agents and landlords – we mainly target at increasing enquiries.
Let’s imagine if you have paid $1,000 to a platform. Which one would you choose – a platform which spends your $1,000 on overall traffic of the site, or the one which spends your $1,000 on increasing your number of enquiries?

(3) During home-searching, both agents and buyers might encounter some problems. A good platform should have a team of professional customer services officers to assist clients – and more importantly, on a 24/7 basis.

(4) When it comes to an online platform, one can hardly avoid any technical issues. Some of our competitors actually outsourced their technical teams to overseas offices. There is a Chinese idiom – “Water afar off quenches not fire” – so better not expect too much from those technicians from another side of the Earth! Instead, Spacious has a team of technicians based in Hong Kong and they are always ready to help clients with any technical problems.

(5) More and more home buyers use Internet as a source of information during the house-hunting process. Spacious provides users a mobile app and website with mobile optimized interface, which is essential for the current digital era – that buyers could search for ideal listings anytime, anywhere using their mobile devices, and even contact the sellers with in-app messenger.

5 Online Marketing Tactics Property Agents Should Know to Get 3x Enquiries

Spacious platform provides plenty of data analysis, news and blog articles on Hong Kong property market, helping you make the best investment decision. It also has a easy-to-use mobile app. Agents and buyers can reach each other through the app, and the transaction process can thus be sped up. Furthermore, Spacious has a report system, which allows users to report fraudulent or problematic listings. This prevents fake listings and agents with unsatisfied service from wasting buyers’ home searching time.

If you would like to triple your enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at 3460 4713 or for more details.