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3 Gift Ideas for Hongkongers’ Valentine’s Day 2017

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • February 6, 2017

The Valentine’s Day is coming. Yay! Have you decided how to spend the big day with your beloved ones yet? Will you give him/her some presents? Will you arrange a candlelit dinner for your mates? Or are you still thinking of activities right now? No worries! This article will provide you with some inspirational ideas so you can figure out what you are going to do in order to have a nice time on Valentine’s Day .

First of all, let us have a look back to last year’s Valentine’s Day gift trend in the western countries. According to Brit+ Co, the gift ranked number 1 was Digital Love-Inspired Gifts, which combine high-technology and romance into one.

Wifi Love socks is so cute! Image from Brit+Co.

The runner-up gift was 3D printed gifts, which was related to advanced technology once again.

3D printed rose is as enchanting as real roses! Image from Pinterest.

The third place belonged to Lovey Dovey Desk Accessories, which was actually stationery but with love quotes as decoration.

Pencils like these are not only useful in writing, but also in expressing love! Image from Brit+Co.

After seeing the innovative products, have you made up your mind yet? If yes, please wait! We are now going to introduce three special intangible gifts that are better than the aforementioned ideas, and more suitable for Hong Kong people.

  1. Keep company with him/her
Image from Pinterest.

The fast pace of the city makes most Hongkongers busy all the time. Influenced by the materialistic culture, people tend to purchase expensive products to be the gifts for their valentines because they do not have time to make DIY present and they would like to compensate their lover by giving them high-priced products as if the more expensive the present is, the higher the receiver is held regard to the sender’s heart. However, most people forget the best present they can give is their time. No matter how expensive the gift is, it can never be comparable with the sweet time you two spend together so please keep company with your lover on this big day!

2. Give him/her all your attention

Image from wikiHow.

Thinking of gift ideas can be difficult so people find an easier solution— to jump on the bandwagon. It works sometimes but for most of the time, people have different desires and needs. Therefore, simply following the trend does not help impressing your lover at all. Therefore, you should pay more attention to and remember the fine details of him/her. For example, if she likes the color blue and her water bottle is broken recently, the best gift for her will definitely be a blue water bottle!

3. Plan the future of you two

Image from South China Morning Post.

The property price rises unreasonably with an unstoppable speed in Hong Kong and it has long been a concern for many couples because most people believe that they had better buy a house before getting married. Valentine’s Day is definitely the best timing for Hongkongers to plan for their future despite the unfavorable housing conditions. According to the statistics from Knight Frank Hong Kong, it is forecasted that “Abundant supply as well as economic and policy uncertainties may drag down mass residential prices by 5%” in 2017. Don’t you feel immediately motivated to start planning about buying your future sweet home? Get started by visiting Spacious ( for more specific information about different properties!

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