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2/27 News Roundup: Land Sale Pushing Up Ap Lei Chau Second Hand Prices, K City Received Over 500 Subscriptions for 128 Units

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • February 27, 2017

Land Sale Pushing Up Ap Lei Chau Second Hand Prices
After last Friday’s record high-price residential land sale in Ap Lei Chau, second hand home prices in the nearby and coastal districts have risen by landlords immediately. The ask price of South Horizons in Ap Lei Chau has risen 8% to 10% in average, while the ask prices of Heng Fa Chuen and North Point has increased for 5%, and 8-10%.

K City Received Over 500 Subscriptions for 128 Units
K Wah International has reportedly received over 500 subscriptions for the new batch of units from K City. The developer will launch 128 flats for sale tomorrow and will receive subscriptions until today. Meanwhile, Henderson Land will put 6 units from Eden Manor for tender, and launch another 62 flats for sale this Saturday. There were over 400 people visiting its show flats over the weekend.

Second Home Prices Set New Record High
Centa-City Leading Index (CCL) reflecting secondary private residential property price from 13 to 19 February has set another new high record, along with CCL Mass and CCL (Small/Medium Units). The three indexes and the CCL (Large Units) increased more than 0.5% than the previous week. CCL climbs 0.62% than the previous week at 147.74, 0.56% higher than September 2015’s record at 146.91%.

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