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22 Dog Costumes that are Perfect for Halloween

  • By
  • Asif Ghafoor
  • October 28, 2016

You’ve probably been busy planning your perfect costume for this Halloween season, but you can’t forget about your pooch! There’s no reason the family dog can’t join in on the celebrations. Check out these adorable dog costumes for some major inspiration and to make your canine part of the Halloween fun.

1. Starbucks Cup

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You know you totally have an obsession with Starbucks, so why not let it show by dressing your dog up as a Starbucks cup. Whether your pooch is a Pumpkin Spice Latte (Craving for some? Read our blog post here!) or just a regular coffee, it’s all up to you!

2. Butterfly

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Between the bright colors and adorable faux butterfly wings, we can’t see a single thing wrong with this costume. Your pooch will look like a butterfly fairy princess in this darling outfit.

3. Pumpkin

A pumpkin is a classic costume choice regardless if it’s for a human or dog, so this costume is a no-brainer if you’re struggling to come up with a costume idea. You get bonus points if the costume makes your dog look like a smiling Jack-O-Lantern.

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4. Star Wars Imperial Walker

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This costume will make any dog look like a stunt double from the latest Star Wars film. Star Wars fans will appreciate this costume for its novelty, while others will adore the attention to detail, so it’s a win-win in any situation.

5. Lovable Lion

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Your dog totally has a wild personality, so let them be the King of the Jungle for the night in this great costume idea. The lion’s mane is an easy DIY project that will totally transform your Halloween celebrations.

6. The Headless Horseman

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This costume’s originality is off the charts. Someone made their dog look like a horse and then stuck a headless horseman on top for an epic costume that’s the perfect mix of scary and theatrical. Your dog will be turning heads if they rock a costume like this.

7. Cutest Cupcake

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You know your dog is the sweetest dog around, so rock a costume that shows off their loving personality. This cupcake costume looks so sweet you could almost eat it, so we’d say that’s a good sign in a costume!

8. Business Man

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You can make your dog look like they’re taking a trip to the office in this adorable businessman outfit. With a collar, tie, and some cuffs, your dog will look like the spitting image of you if you have to rock a suit to work.

9. Game of Thrones Dragon

Photo Source:

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, then you’re bound to love this adorable costume idea for you and your pooch. Dress up as Daenerys, or an equally loved character, and then make your dog your Dragon sidekick. A pair of fake wings will make your dog look like the monster you’ve always been hoping for.

10. Treasure Chest

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Your pooch will be channelling Jack Sparrow in this creative costume, which makes it look like your dog is carrying a treasure chest along with another fellow pirate. You’ll definitely be finding a lot of hidden treasure in the form of candy on Halloween if this is the costume you choose for your dog.

11. Helpful Horse

Photo Source:

We seriously can’t tell whether this is a dog or horse. With its perfectly crafted hooves and long mane, this dog has been transformed into a stallion fit for any princess or prince.

12. Highschool Cheerleader

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Dress your dog up in a cheerleading costume that’s reminiscent of your high school days. You’ll feel like you’re in a pep rally with your dog walking beside you as your go Trick-or-Treating on Halloween night.

13. Wacky Walrus

Photo Source: Cute DIY Projects

While this dog doesn’t seem to be enjoying this costume too much judging by the look on his face, we are totally into it. This perfect walrus costume will make your pooch look ridiculously adorable, while the originality of it will make other costume-wearers envious.

14. Chia Pet

Photo Source: Cute DIY Projects

You totally wanted a chia pet growing up and this is your chance to have one! Make your dog look like the iconic plant and watch everyone “ooh” and “ah” about how adorable he is (and how lucky you are to have him).

15. Harry Potter

Photo Source: Cute DIY Projects

Everyone dresses up as Harry Potter once in their life, so let your dog have a chance with this cute character costume. Grab a cape, some fake glasses, and add Harry’s signature scar above his eyebrow, and your pooch will be a dead ringer for the famous wizard.

16. Terrifying Tiger

Photo Source:

You can make your dog look cute or terrifying in a creative tiger costume. Whether you color your dog’s fur to get the iconic tiger stripes or you put them in a store-bought outfit, your is dog bound to look like the most ferocious cat in town.

17. Fast Food

Photo Source: Le Geek.

This costume option works if you’re dressing up multiple dogs or only one. Choose your favourite fast food restaurant and make your pooch dress up like an employee or product from the chain. You can opt for a McDonalds, Burger King, or Wendy’s- themed costume- the choices are truly endless.

18. Beanie Baby

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Your dog is definitely cuter than any Beanie Baby, so demonstrate this by dressing your pooch up as one of the iconic stuffed animals. All you’ll need is the classic TY sign tied around your dog’s neck and then you’ll be good to go.

19. Batman

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You know your dog is your hero, so let the rest of the world know with this adorable Batman costume. While your pooch might not be saving the city come Halloween night, he’ll sure be making people happy with how cute he looks.

20. Hotdog

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Any food-related dog costumes are immediately awesome since they’re about food, but we have to say that this one is especially adorable. You’re dog will look cute enough to eat dressed up as a little hotdog. You get bonus points if your pooch is actually a wiener dog.

21. iPhone

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You love your iPhone almost as much as your dog, so there’s no better idea than dressing your dog up as your favourite cell phone. In an age where everyone is technologically savvy (and obsessed), this is one costume everyone will love and will wish they thought of.

22. Hershey’s Kiss

Photo Source:

You’ll want to smother your dog with kisses based on how cute he looks in this get-up. All you need is a little tinfoil and creativity to achieve this perfect Hershey’s Kisses costume. But, just be sure you don’t give your dog any actual chocolate!

These costumes prove you can’t forget about your dog come Halloween. Whether you dress your dog up as a Starbucks cup or simply a hotdog, make their costume scary or cute, or have their costume match yours, they’re bound to look adorable in whatever costume you choose.

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