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18 Inventions that will Keep Your Home Cleaner Than Ever Before

Home Improvement | November 16, 2016

There is no doubt that keeping a home clean is big work, no matter how small your place would be. Between the demands of your professional and personal life, you don’t always have time to make your bed in the morning or give the place a good vacuum. This ingenious inventions promise to make life a little bit easier for you by helping keep your home at it’s cleanest, and there’s nothing better sounding than that.

1. The Baby Mop

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Even babies can contribute to a clean household! This onesie, complete with an attached floor mop, will clean the floors as your little one crawls around. While we don’t know how sanitary this would be for a baby, it sure is a cool idea, though we’d be cautious to try it out.

Even babies can contribute to a clean household! This onesie, complete with an attached floor mop, will clean the floors as your little one crawls around. While we don’t know how sanitary this would be for a baby, it sure is a cool idea, though we’d be cautious to try it out.

2. Bug Squashing Slippers

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The last thing you want are any creepy crawlies scurrying around your house. These slippers allow you to crush any unwanted bugs without needing to bend down. Just remember to wash these slippers after you squash a bug, or else they could get pretty nasty on the bottom.

3. Shoe Cover Dispenser

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Dirty shoes are the main reason your floor gets dirty, but you can prevent that by using this shoe cover dispenser. Simply slide your foot into the machine and it will wrap your foot in a plastic covering, ensuring that any dirt or grime from the bottoms of your shoes doesn’t mess up your carpet and flooring.

4. Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner

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Not only does this mini vacuum look super adorable, it also does a pretty decent job at cleaning tiny, hard-to-reach messes. Plug the USB port into your computer or an outlet to start the vacuum and then watch it make crumbs and dirt disappear like magic.

5. Disinfecting Towel Rack

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After using a towel a few times, it can get pretty dirty. But it’s also a hassle to always have to do laundry to get them clean. This towel rack will dry and disinfect your towel after you use it, meaning you’ll have a fresh towel waiting for you every time you have to step out of the shower- and you didn’t even have to do laundry!

6. Mounted Scrubber for Silverware

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Washing dishes sucks; not only is it time consuming, but sponges get disgusting very easily, making this chore one of your least favourites to do. This mounted scrubbed will cut your dishwashing time in half and ensure your cutlery is clean without you having to break a nail trying to scrub the grease away.

7. The Self-making Bed

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You have to admit, your bedroom always looks magically cleaner when your bed is made, but that doesn’t mean you make it every morning. Selfy the EasyBed is a self-making bed will ensure your bed it always neat and made-up, but you won’t even have to lift a finger.

8. The Gwee Button

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This invention looks simple, but its purpose is anything but. Your phone’s screen always gets dirty from fingerprints and all the dirt and dust it’s exposed to. The Gwee Button effortlessly cleans the screen with a swipe of your finger, making sure your impromptu internet surfing always has a clear view.  

9. Hand Powered Dishwasher

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This is the perfect invention for any home that lacks a dishwasher. This space-saving dishwasher, created by Israeli designer Chen Levin, uses no electricity and only a tiny amount of water in order to clean even the dirtiest dishes. All you have to do is crank a pump that releases a spurt of water, which is warmed using a sodium acetate tablet, and then voila, your dishes are done within a minute.

10. The Dog Sweep

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Just like the baby mop, the dog sweep will have your pooch cleaning the floors as they walk around the household. Though you may never have to lift another broom, we bet this dog slipper get dirty quickly, so prepare to be doing a bit more laundry every week.

11. Bathroom Cleaning Robot

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Cleaning your bathroom is by far one of the worst chores, but this invention promises to make it all the more easier for you. This bathroom-cleaning robot connects to a water tap in order to dampen the cloth attached to it. It then is able to move around your bathtub, sink, floor, or walls to scrub away any grease or grime.

12. Self Cleaning Litter Box

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You love your cat to death, but you really hate cleaning up its litter box. This self-cleaning litter box will take this chore right off of your hands, ensuring your cat has a clean place to do their business and giving you more time to spend with Netflix.

13. The Sanitizer Wand

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This creative invention is like hand sanitizer, except you can use it on your counters. With just a wave of the magical wand, it promises to make your surface tops clean enough to eat from, so you know this product means serious business.

14. Sweeper Shoes

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These odd-looking shoes are a fancy version of the baby mop and dog sweep. These shoes will mop and sanitize your flooring, so you can clean you home by just walking from one room to another. While you may get some looks for their questionable shape, you won’t mind since your house is so clean.  

15. Hiya Toothbrush Sanitizer

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If you think about it, toothbrushes are pretty gross. Everdyay we use them to lean the inside of our mouths and then we just leave them exposed to dirt particles in the air- yuck. The Hiya Toothbrush Sanitizer will clean our toothbrush after each use so you don’t have to worry about how gross it is.

16. Remote Controlled Cleaning Brush

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If you’d prefer not having to leave your couch to clean, then this is the invention for you. You can control this mini sweeper with a remote, meaning you barely have to lift a finger while this tiny robot does the dirty work for you.  

17. Shoe Cleaner and Deodorizer

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Shoes get stinky easily, but that ends up making your entire house smell if you don’t do something about it. By storing your smell-prone shoes on this rack, it will clean and deodorize them to ensure your shoes always smell fresh. Both your feet and home are bound to smell much better after investing in this product.

18. SWASH Home Dry Cleaning Machine

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If you don’t have time to always go to the dry cleaners, then this is the invention for you. Whether your shirt is wrinkled, you spill something on your pants, or you just didn’t have time to wash your dress, just throw them inside your own SWASH home dry cleaning machine and watch the magic happen.

With all the work that goes into keep a home clean, these inventions would definitely save you tons of time you would otherwise spend on routine chores. They say a tidy space leads to a tidy mind, so anything that helps keep things a little bit cleaner sounds good to us.

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